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How to read a book correctly

For many people like me, ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ is one of the most favorite books. But most people misunderstand the true meaning of the book. They think that the book is about an orphan named Hugo who fixed an automaton and found a long lost movie director Georges Mélès. These are facts but the true meaning hides beneath those facts; the true purpose of the book though, is about finding self-identity.


The meaning of self-identity is a thing or quality that you have. It can be something really special to you or something that you really treasure; it makes you different from others. Brian Selznick, the author inferred that self-identity connects with memories,and strongly depends on the environment around you. If your parents used to talk to other adults fiercely, you would be afraid of adults. If your parents talk to other adults nicely, you wouldn’t be afraid of adults. You see, self-identity could be a memory. It could be a happy or a sad one, but only if it is a strong one, it will be one part of self-identity to that person.

自我认知能力是人的一种素质。它可以是对你而言非常珍贵的东西或者某种特质;它使你不同与其他人。Brian Selznick指出:自我认知能力和人的记忆力相关,并且周围环境会对它有强大的影响。如果你的父母曾经和人激烈的争吵,你就会害怕大人;如果你的父母和别人和蔼交流,你就不会害怕他们。你看,自我认知可以是一个记忆。它可以是开心的,也可以是悲伤的;不过当这个记忆足够强大的时候,它就会成为你的一部分。

The self-identity of Hugo is a bit different, that he had not only memories with his father, but also dreams that those memories can connect him and his father. Hugo’s dream was that he wanted to fix the automaton to see the message that his father had left for him. Hugo tried his best to achieve his dream. He stole toys from the old man’s toy booth to find some pieces that he could put on the automaton (eventhough stealing wasn’t a good manner); he even risked his life trying to keep the automaton safe from getting crashed by the train that was coming into the station (the dream gave him courage). At last, Hugo achieved his dream; he didn’t just fix the automaton, he ‘fixed’ the movie director Georges Mélès as well.


Hugo, as we already know, is an extraordinary orphan who has self-identity. But usually orphans do not have self-identity. According to Amy Eldridge who is a social worker and the founder of a charity organization, and spends most of her time with orphans, orphans usually do not have dreams. Even though ordinary orphans have dreams, they wouldn’t go out and try their best like Hugo did; they "do not have the luxury of curiosity, nor imagination, they neither dare to ask questions nor want to become an explorer or dream about being a doctor, as they feel small and undeserving, and their basic needs are not being met."  This is what made Hugo so different from other normal orphans.

我们都知道,雨果是一个伟大的孤儿,一个有自我认知能力的孤儿。Amy Eldridge是一位社会工作者和一个慈善机构的创始人,她的大部分的时间都是和孤儿度过的。她说,一般孤儿通常是没有梦想的。即使他们有梦想,也不会像雨果一样去大胆的追寻。他们没有“奢侈”的好奇心和想象力,他们不敢提问也不想成为探险家或医生,因为他们觉得自己非常渺小,不配做这些事情,并且他们生活的基本需求还没有被满足。这些都是使雨果变得与众不同的因素。

There are other distinctive orphans like Hugo who have dreams and self-identity. Batman is one of them. His parents died in a fight with murderers, and because of that, Batman decided to revenge for his parents' and destroy the murderers organizations. That is Batman's dream. Harry Potter, another orphan, has a dream to acquaint with this parents. To achieve his dream, Harry had experienced a lot of adventures in order to collect information of his parents.


I think that everyone should read Hugo Cabret and I'm sure if they read it in the right way, the book will inspire us. 



I have a dream like Hugo did. I wanted to be a cellist because I love music. Music can also cure people’s feelings, even disabilities and diseases.When I felt sad, I would go to my cello and play several pieces. That would make me happy. When I grow up, I wish I can play music to a guy who is a vegetative being. After several months’ treatment, I wish that the vegetative being could recover.


The happiest memory that I can remember is when I had my first performance, my mum and dad waved to me on the first row of spectator seats and gave me a warm hug when I finished. That memory keeps me  playing cello until now. And it is very important to keep happy memories all the time because it gives me energy to my dream or “the dementors” may get me! (Dementors suck in happy memories, remember?)








李想老师教学记录:在课上,我们对孩子进行的是完整的启蒙教育。在课题研究过程中,我没让孩子学过任何的“高级词汇”或者是“高级语法”,只让孩子用自己已有的词汇和语法去写。完成后再帮助孩子梳理语法和词汇。我的目标不是让孩子靠 “背书”去拿80分,而是让孩子不背书、只思考,先以70分为目标。因为,只有靠软实力拿到70分的孩子,才有可能在竞争状态下拿到100分。


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