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2016年04月11日 加拿大海外生活

这几天网上疯传着一个真实的故事;美国高中生Brittany Stinson凭借出色的文书,被五所藤校(耶鲁,哥大,宾大,达特茅斯,康奈尔)以及斯坦福同时录取。让我们拜读一下这神文书:

有些学生觉得对于一份申请材料来说,自身背景,身份,兴趣爱好或者才艺等因素至关重要,如果你也这么认为, 请和我们讲讲你的故事。

Prompt 1: Some students have a background, identity,interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their applicationwould be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please shareyour story.


Managing to break free from my mother’s grasp, I charged.With arms flailing and chubby legs fluttering beneath me, I was theferocious two­ year old rampaging through Costco on a Saturday morning. Mymother’s eyes widened in horror as I jettisoned my churro; the cinnamon­sugarrocket gracefully sliced its way through the air while I continued myspree. I sprinted through the aisles, looking up in awe at the massivebulk products that towered over me. Overcome with wonder, I wanted to touch andtaste, to stick my head into industrial­sized freezers, to explore everycrevice. I was a conquistador, but rather than searching the land for ElDorado, I scoured aisles for free samples. Before inevitably being whiskedaway into a shopping cart, I scaled a mountain of plush toys and surveyedthe expanse that lay before me: the kingdom of Costco. 

Notorious for its oversized portions and dollar­fifty hot dog combo, Costcois the apex of consumerism. From the days spent being toted around in ashopping cart to when I was finally tall enough to reach lofty sampletrays, Costco has endured a steady presence throughout my life. As a veteranCostco shopper, I navigate the aisles of foodstuffs, thrusting themajority of my weight upon a generously filled shopping cart whoseenormity juxtaposes my small frame. Over time, I’ve developed a habit ofobserving fellow patrons tote their carts piled with frozen burritos,cheese puffs, tubs of ice cream, and weight­loss supplements. Perusing theaisles gave me time to ponder. Who needs three pounds of sour cream?Was cultured yogurt any more well­mannered than its unculturedcounterpart? Costco gave birth to my unfettered curiosity.


While enjoying an obligatory hot dog, I did not findmyself thinking about the ‘all beef’ goodness that Costco boasted. Iinstead considered finitudes and infinitudes, unimagined uses for tubs of sourcream, the projectile motion of said tub when launched from an eighty footshelf or maybe when pushed from a speedy cart by a scrawny seventeen yearold. I contemplated the philosophical: If there exists a thirty­threeounce jar of Nutella, do we really have free will? I experienced a harshphysics lesson while observing a shopper who had no evident familiarity ofinertia's workings. With a cart filled to overflowing, she made herway towards the sloped exit, continuing to push and push while steadilylosing control until the cart escaped her and went crashing into aconcrete column, 52” plasma screen TV and all. Purchasing the yuletidehickory smoked ham inevitably led to a conversation between my father andme about Andrew Jackson’s controversiality. There was no questioning OldHickory’s dedication; he was steadfast in his beliefs and pursuits –qualities I am compelled to admire, yet his morals were crooked. We both foundthe ham to be more likeable–and tender.



I adopted my exploratory skills, fine tuned by Costco,towards my intellectual endeavors. Just as I sampled buffalo­chicken dipor chocolate truffles, I probed the realms of history, dance and biology, allin pursuit of the ideal cart–one overflowing with theoretical situationsand notions both silly and serious. I sampled calculus, cross­countryrunning, scientific research, all of which are now household favorites.With cart in hand, I do what scares me; I absorb the warehouse that is theworld. Whether it be through attempting aerial yoga, learning how to chartblackbody radiation using astronomical software, or dancing in front ofhundreds of people, I am compelled to try any activity that interests me in theslightest. 

My intense desire to know, to explore beyond the bounds of rational thought;this is what defines me. Costco fuels my insatiability and cultivatescuriosity within me at a cellular level. Encoded to immerse myself in theunknown, I find it difficult to complacently accept the “what”; I want to huntfor the “whys” and dissect the “hows”. In essence, I subsist on discovery.

(原文摘自Business Insider,中文翻译摘自文学城)

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