Tips to Avoid Smelly Feet

2016-06-20 新西兰好健康

It’s normal to have your feet in shoes and socks throughout the winter – but unless you take care of your shoes, it also breeds bacterial growth and along with it -  smell. Get your feet sorted before you have to take your shoes off this summer.
What causes Foot Odour
The smell starts with sweat is secreted from sweat glands on your feet. The functions of these glands are to keep your feet moist, skin supple and aid in temperature regulation. When you're hot or exercising, your feet sweat even more than usual.


Unlike other sweat glands on your body, the sweat glands in your feet secrete sweat ALL the time, and not just in response to heat or exercise.

The smell begins when the sweat is broken down by bacteria and fungi living on your skin. As the sweat decomposes a noticeable odour is produced. This smell can become even more offensive when there is a build up of bacteria and sweat, such as in your shoes.
How to prevent the smell
1.Wear clean socks each day
·This prevents the smell because your socks absorb the sweat and the bacteria, protecting your shoes.
·They also protect your feet from fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

2.Keep shoes dry and aired out
·A build-up of moisture can also lead to mould growth on your shoes. This will break down the integrity of the shoes far more quickly, resulting in shoes that no longer provide support and wear out quickly.
·Bacteria and fungi love dark, moist environments. After you take your shoes off for the day, keep them out of gym bags, dark shoe boxes and dark closets. Use a shoe rack to keep the tongue of the shoe up and air circulating through the shoe.
·Stuff shoes with newspaper and change them every 4 hours if you’ve had a particularly sweaty day.


3.Wash and Dry
·It's simple. The cleaner and drier your feet and shoes remain, the more likely it is that your feet won't smell. Wash your feet with soap and water at least once daily.  Be sure they are thoroughly dry before you put your feet into shoes for the day.
4.Make sure you don’t have a fungal infection
·Tinea or Athletes foot is a fungal infection most often between your toes.  Symptoms can include burning, itching, scaly skin, foot odour, redness or cracked and bleeding skin.
5.Alternate Your Shoes
·By alternating the days you wear shoes, you give them a longer period of time to dry out thoroughly, reducing the growth of bacteria.
6.Kill the bacteria


·Coconut oil  has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Rub some on your feet just before bed.  The oil helps to kill the bacteria and softens your skin.
·Tea tree oil is effective against athlete's foot and other fungal infections. It’s strong so use it diluted and sparingly.
·Propolis  – A natural product that honey bees make is also effective against fungal and bacterial infections either applied topically (in a liquid form) or taken orally in a capsule form (or both).
蜂胶: 一种天然产品,蜜蜂制造来的一种天然产品,针对真菌和细菌感染。市面上有液体、口服液或胶囊。