【Language Snacks】 第六期:Miss the boat

2016-05-09 英国大使馆文化教育处

Language Snacks

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本期我们看 miss the boat



B说我 Miss the boat ,好恼火! 

A: Have you got your tickets for the big concert next week?

B: No, I missed the boat. I'm so annoyed!




A: Oh dear, have they sold out already?

B: Yes, I called the ticket office this morning. They haven't got any left at all. 

A: Wait a minute, I think Pat said he'd bought some extra ones. Shall I ask him if you can have one?

B: Oh, yes please. That would be great!



Have you ever been disappointed because you missed a chance to do something? Perhaps it was a university course that filled up before you could register, or a job advert that you only saw after the interviews had finished. Or maybe you heard about a special offer at a shop but arrived after all the items had been sold? In these situations, you can say you have missed the boat. In other words, you lose an opportunity because you are too late. 

A lot of English idioms seem to be about boats, sailors or the sea. This is because Britain is an island, of course, and in the past so much of our lives was concerned with the sea around us.

英语里有很多表达方式都与船、水手或者大海有关,这与英国是个岛国有关。"miss the boat"就是其中一个,意思是"错失良机"。


Why are a lot of English expressions connected to the sea?

答案:Because Britain is an island

一定要持续关注我们的栏目学新词,不要 miss the boat 哟!


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