Ma La Koala, Edition 53, 01/02/2019

2019年02月13日 澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆

 Australia Day 2019 

The Consulate-General held its Australia Day reception slightly earlier this year on 21 January. In attendance were over 370 guests from government, business and cultural institutions, including Sichuan CPPCC Vice Chairman Dr Chen Fang (pictured below right) and Chengdu CPPCC Vice Chairman Dr Xu Jiuping (pictured below left).  

This year’s theme focused on sport, featuring interactive displays of tennis, golf and Australian rules football from sponsors Tennis Australia, International Golf Academy Australia and Port Adelaide Football Club / The Australia Movement (pictured below). Deakin University provided an interactive stall where guests could see how their ball skills matched up to the world’s sporting greats.  
In his keynote speech, Consul-General Christopher Lim (pictured below) highlighted the milestones in our relationship with southwest China over the past year, and looked forward to closer cooperation this year. 

The winner of our lucky draw (below, second from right) won return flights for themselves and a friend from Chengdu to Melbourne sponsored by Sichuan Airlines, as well as a pair of tickets to the 2020 Australian Open Men’s Final sponsored by Tennis Australia. 

We would like to thank our supporters for the event, including AustCham West China, Luzhou Laojiao, Grand Hyatt Chengdu, Morish Wines, Jingong Wines, and 31 Jiu.

Consul-General Lim’s Australia Day Address

“For Australians, it’s a day when we celebrate our achievements as a nation - but equally important, it’s a day to get together with friends and families to enjoy each other’s company and the great Australian lifestyle. In Australia - where it is currently the height of summer -  this often means a barbeque outdoors, perhaps a cool glass of Australian wine or beer, and sport - kicking the football around with friends at a park; cricket on the beach with strangers; a game of tennis with your neighbours; or possibly a round of golf with some overseas visitors. A love of sport - not just watching, but also getting out and participating in sport with others - is an important part of the Australian character. It reflects the value we place on openness and friendliness”.

 New AustCham West China Board 


On 11 January 2019, AustCham West China held their Annual General Meeting (pictured above). Members elected to the 2019 board were: 

Chairman: Stephen Young
Vice Chairman: Henry He
Vice Chairman (Chongqing): Simon Ding
Secretary: Reto Borer
Treasurer: June Huang
Board Member: Joker Wong
Board Member: Steven Guo

We would like to thank outgoing Acting Chairman Henry He and the 2018 board for their hard work this year. 

 Inspiring Innovation 

Trade and Investment Commissioner Tim White (pictured above) attended the second Australia-China Science, Technology, Commercialisation and Innovation Forum in Chongqing 21-23 January. White addressed a group of more than 50 delegates on Australia’s efforts to match our research capabilities with China’s expertise in commercialisation. Attendees included leading researchers from Australia and China who are developing next-generation health, energy and engineering technologies. 

"Growing Australian Presence in Yunnan"

“Bordering Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, Yunnan feels at first to be a blend of China and Southeast Asia, but it is much more than that. The province is home to 25 of the 56 officially recognised ethnic groups in China; these groups have lived for centuries in the mountainous terrain which runs across the borders between China and its neighbours. To this day, many ethnic Dai, Yi, Bai and other groups still have close relatives in neighbouring countries who come and go often”.

 Power Footy 

Port Adelaide Football Club and The Australia Movement held an AFL “Power Footy” demo clinic on 16 January 2019 at Chengdu’s Bojun School. Twenty-four middle school students had the opportunity to hone their skills and learn more about Australian football.  

With support from the Australia-China Council, Power Footy will roll out across Sichuan from March 2019, building momentum before Port Adelaide Football Club plays St Kilda Football Club for premiership points on 2 June 2019 in Shanghai.

 2018 Passport Facts 

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