Lost and Found | 失物招领

2018年11月22日 合肥加拿大国际学校

Lost and Found has found a new location! Please look for your lost items on the new shelving located in the first-floor stairway by the gymnasium. 


Please focus on

Expensive items, such as cell phones or jewelry must be turned into Sharon in the Main Administration Office. 


Parents and/or students are asked to label all items with name and grade to help decrease the large number of items students misplace daily. This includes water bottles and bags. 


We also ask for students to take pride in your school by maintaining the Lost and Found shelves organized.  We trust students will be honest and respectful when searching for their belongings. 

If students recognize an item as belonging to someone else, please leave the item in Lost and Found but let the other student know where they may pick up their lost item.  


Please note that items left in the gym cubbies overnight will be placed in Lost and Found. The gym cubbies are designed to temporarily hold backpacks, books, etc. The gym cubbies are NOT designed for overnight or permanent storage. 


Due to the high number of unclaimed articles, lost items, such as jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, water bottles, backpacks, etc., will be maintained in the lost and found for 30 days. After 30 days the items will be discarded, donated, or placed in the Uniform/Halloween Costume exchange to be held by the Parent Organization.  


Thank you so much for your cooperation. 


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