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Read Aloud
Two sister, 大女儿觉得parents比较strict, 但是小女儿觉得lenient。

Describe Image
1. Line: World population development between developing and industrialized countries

2. Line: Litchfield population 

3. Pie: 2006 generation 236 tones (与下图有近80%的相似)

4. Mix: Rainfall and temperature

5.  Line: sunrise and sunset

6.  Map+bar: high/middle/low income 

7.  Map: population density of Australia

Retell Lecture
Coffee industry
The lecture talks about changes in coffee production. The production of coffee has increased since last 10 years, from 30 billion to 60 billion. The huge demand of America and Europe has made Vietnam the second largest coffee producer, which also had a great effect on Columbia’s production/output. However, there is a decrease in the output of America and Europe.
Open border-4 level
Developed countries should open gate so that people from developing countries can go to developed countries and get richer. There are 4 important factors. 1. In aspect of humanity, it provides more freedom and other aspects. 2. In Economics: people in developing countries can work in developed countries.另两个单词不记得了,读ppt就可以。

Renovation of Paris
The lecture mainly talks about the renovation of Paris in 1890s. The renovation was a vast public program, which is commissioned by Napoleon the third. The project included bringing the air and light to the center of Paris and draining the sewages to make the city safer and more beautiful. The reason for doing this was that the old Paris had many serious problems.

Answer Short Questions
1.      图片:@常出现在哪里?--- Email
2.      在公司上班的人叫什么--- employee
3.      图片: 俩男子在atm取钱,问在干什么?--- Withdraw money
4.      哪个学科是past events?--- history

Summarize Written Text
Armed police
Armed police have been brought into NSW schools to reduce crime rates and educate students. The 40 School Liaison Police (SLP) officers have been allocated to public and private high schools across the state.

Organizers say the officers, who began work last week, will build positive relationships between police and students. But parent groups waned of potential dangers of armed police working at schools in communities where police relations were already under strain.

Constable Purvis said the full-time position would see him working on the broader issues of crime prevention. “I am not a security guard,” he said. “I am not there to patrol the school. We want to improve relationships between police and school children, to have positive interaction. We are coming to the school and giving them knowledge to improve their own safety."

Parents' groups responded to the program positively, but said it may spark a range of community reactions.

"It is a good thing and an innovative idea and there could be some positive benefits," Council of Catholic School Parents executive officer Danielle Cronin said. "Different communities will respond to this kind of presence in different ways.

Tree ring
Here’s how tree ring dating, known to scientists as dendrochronology (from the Greek roots dendron = tree, and chronos = time), works. If you cut a tree down today, it’s straightforward to count the rings inwards, starting from the tree’s outside (corresponding to this year’s growth ring), and thereby to state that the 177th ring from the outermost one towards the center was laid down in the year 2005 minus 177, or 1828. However, the widths of tree growth rings vary from year to year, depending on the rain or drought conditions in each year.

Hence the sequence of the rings in a tree cross-section is like a message in Morse code formerly used for sending telegraph messages; dot-dot-dash-dot-dash in the Morse code, wide-wide-narrow-wide-narrow in the tree ring sequence. Actually the tree ring sequence is even more diagnostic and richer in information than the Morse code, because trees actually contain rings spanning many different widths, rather than the Morse code choice between dot or dash.

Tree ring specialists (known as dendrochronologists) proceed by noting the sequence of wider and narrower rings in a tree cut down in a known recent year, and also noting the sequences in beams from trees cut down at various times in the past. They then match up and align the tree ring sequences with the same diagnostic wide/narrow patterns from different beams. 

In that way, dendrochronologists have constructed tree ring records extending back for thousands of years in some parts of the world. Each record is valid for a geographic area whose extent depends on local weather patterns, because weather and hence tree growth patterns vary with location.

A bonus of dendrochronology is that the width and substructure of each ring reflects the amount of rain and the season at which the rain fell during that particular year. Thus, tree ring studies also allow one to reconstruct the past climate, e.g., a series of wide rings means a very wet period, and a series of narrow rings means a drought.

more and more people favor dangerous activities, like jump diving, do you like it? Why?

1.  讲上海老砖房和摩天大楼间弥漫着西方音乐,提到了莫扎特和贝多芬: house, skyscraper, booming
2. 黑钻石:odd, suggesting, identical, properly

Summarize Spoken Texts
biology, profound insights, upper left of picture is butterfly and other creatures, they have related with each other, creatures are relied on RNA/DNA which are used for transmitting genetic and inherited information. Cells are the basis of organs, chemical reaction use energy transfer from one to another.
Women non-fiction
A woman wanted to become a novelist of non-fiction novel since she was 13. Although she experienced some detour, she never gave up because she believed it was the right thing to do. Later, a great novelist inspired and encouraged her, and the first chapter of the first book she wrote in 1992 was 'The secret life of bees'.
Right things 
and make error
If the task is well designed, people are likely to do right things, otherwise they are prone to make mistakes

1.关于Viking:decline, salted, creeping(不确定), obligated
2. Complained, profession, prescribing

Write from Dictation
1.      Avoid confusing the cause and effect of those changes.
2.      This paper challenged the previously accepted theories.
3.      The same issue reached both explanations of the problem.


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